Useful Dell SUU commands

I know suu.cmd has accepted various switched for a long time now, but this is the first time I’ve bothered to engage with it!

So, running SUU v

\\some server\some share\suu.cmd -comparison

will generate a report telling you what can and can’t be upgraded. Most of the time you won’t care, but it’s worth remembering that this program will update network firmware, drivers and disk firmware etc so only run on critical systems after hours.


\\some server\some share\suu.cmd -upgradeonly

will ONLY upgrade components, never downgrade. It’ll do everything in one hit so you’ll probably need to reboot after this, and you may lose networking a lot as it runs so running suu either stood at the console or via remote desktop is recommended.


Dell SUU (Server Update Utility)

In the last week or so I’ve been struggling to get the SUU DVD to actually update some new Dell servers; basically, the update process never actually starts (I don’t know why- I suspect it’s an x64 v x86 issue?). However, the way around this is to click the hyperlink to the update(s) you need to apply from within the server-specific SUU window; once the page loads, not what the actual update is and switch from choosing x86 updates to x64 updates within then just find the same named update (except this time you’ll be downloading the x64 version).