WP 8.1 error: “We can’t connect to OneDrive to back up”

A few weeks back, apparently my Lumia 930 stopped backing up with the above error- it’s looking like the OneDrive backup (OneDrive > Options > Device Backups) may have become correupted. I deleted the backup for the 930, ran a fresh backup and it failed, but during the failure it switched off settings backup on the phone. I switched it back on, and now the 930 is showing up as a backup device in OneDrive. It hasn’t finished yet, but there is a backup for that device showing up in OneDrive with todays timestamp on it…

UPDATE: backup still failed, but device and OneDrive think it backed up. ?

UPDATE 22/06/2016 @ 16:44: after chatting to Microsoft a lot of the day, it seems that the problem was having the official twitter app installed- ? They pointed me at:


And although I don’t have Live lockscreen beta, the official twitter app is horrbily slow and unresponsive so I thought maybe that was worth a go (also, the icon was going dark when charging- possibly when backing up- implying it was unusable at this time, which made me think there might be an issue with it). Uninstalled twitter (still have tweetium), and have now had two successfull backups work without a problem.


Lumia 920 #2

After spending 6 weeks thinking I was going crazy, Nokia have updated the phone to (among others) improve the camera. To explain: I was taking phoeots with my 920 and just thought they weren’t razor sharp. I couldn’t decide if the images were blurry or soft-focus, but I think it was a mix of both. However, Nokia have released update version 1232.5951.1249.10xx which has appeared to fix this. This WON’T change your Windows Phone version- that’s still 8.0.10211.204, it’s the firmware that changes.

Nokia don’t give much away- “Improved stability, speed and functionality for the camera”- but my guess is that the camera was slow to react, which could cause both focussing problems and blur. ? I’ll add to this once I know it’s definitely improved. The problem I’m having is that I’m comparing the images from my 920 to ones taken on my (still great) N8-00, and frankly the camera on that is just fantastic so it’s not a fair comparison.

Nokia Lumia 920 #1

Having had this for a week or 2 now, overall I think it’s the best phone ever (having never seriously used anything other than Nokia myself, but supported iBores etc to an extent). So far, the only gripes are: (a) the contacts are cloud-sync’d. I know this is the fashion these days, but I’m uncomfortable at sending stuff there by default. What if my account gets hacked?; (b) I swear the camera is slightly blurry, but I think maybe it’s just the comparison with my N8, which was phenomenal; (c) no file explorer. I have a ring-tone that’s in the wrong folder in the on-board storage, but apparently can only move it when it’s plugged in to full-Windows box.

Asides from that, it’s a work genius. It’s soooo fast moving about, has a good apps store (tho’ disappointed no-one has written an NTP clock-sync app yet) and just seems really logical getting around (unlike iOS, in my opinion). It comes with Office out-of-the-box, SkyDrive is just a download away and you can choose whether or not to automatically send pictures up to it. The live tiles are cool, but my first suggestion would be to set Battery Saver to always-on. Of course, you don’t get the full WP8, live-tile experience wit this but in all honesty, I don’t need all my mail and contacts sync’d constantly because I’m sat in front of a computer all day, so have much easier ways of checking email. And of course, it has a whole bunch of Nokia apps such as Drive, which is priceless. Find my phone is also worth using- obviously, I haven’t tried the erase option yet but did try the remote lock and that worked beautifully. IE 10 is also blindingly fast- I’ve stopped using other browsers (life’s to short to go around installing Chrome just because it’s not Microsoft and might be nano-seconds faster), but this must be one of the best.

Ergonomically, it’s a dream. It’s big and heavy, but in a satisfying way. It feels solid, not bulky. If you’re worried about the sliperiness some have written about (CNET?) then don’t- just… hold the phone in the way you would for anything that’s the size and weight the Lumia 920 is. It isn’t made of grease, if that is a concern. The screen is crystal clear, and yes, the ultra-sensitive setting for the touch screen really does work even through a pair of thick leather gloves (although I suspect this is a massive battery drain).