DNS entry problems on a DC with attached iSCSI

We’ve recently set up a new DC with some iSCSI storage attached- single site, so the DC is providing DC & file storage.

In DNS, the LAN and iSCSI entries were showing up which was annoying, as pinging generally didn’t work because it would try to find the iSCSI network.

In short, you don’t need to mess around with any network connections or fiddle about in the registry- use method 2 from


Just stop the DNS on the DC listening on any port other than the LAN- including an IPv6 interfaces (in our case at any rate).


Hyper-V replica broker fails to start after being manually shut down

There are numerous suggestions on the web; I found one query on social.technet but even though it was only last night, I’ve lost the url…

Anyway, this query is exactly what fixed it for me. The replica broker was created on DC somedc.mybiz.com. That DC went through a bit of a wobble and was due for decommission anyway, so we demoted it and moved the DC stuff onto a virtual machine.

Turns out that in the registry, there’s a string value somewhere under HKLM\Cluster\Resources\{SOME RANDOM GUID VALUE}\parameters called “CreatingDC”. This was the demoted DC. Edit the value and point it at the new DC – somedc_new.mybiz.com – and the replica broker starts up almost instantly.

UPDATE: Just to satisfy myself that this was the case, I failed the RB over to host 2 (using old DC) and it failed. Modified the above registry key and it started instantly- no reboots or anything.