SCCM: build and capture with installed updates


Yet again, I’ve been chasing my tail with SCCM. I know my (extremely limited sub-set) Windows 7 updates package was working and downloaded, and deployed etc. I know my Build and Capture was working. But I couldn’t get updates to install as part of the build and capture process. I could build and capture a WORKGROUP machine no problem, because the SYSPREP stage requires WORKGROUP membership. I could build and capture- and update- a domain machine but this would fail to capture because SYSPREP wouldn’t work.

In the end, this link- – said it all. Under the “Setup Windows and Configuration Manager” section, just add under the “Installation properties” section. If the build machine is on the domain, it can use AD/ DNS to locate the SCCM server. If it’s in a workgroup, it needs to be told explicitly where to find services- hence adding the property above. Thanks to Mathias Haas for this, it was driving me around the bend.



Yes, this was me being stupid. As this thread explains- I’d just forgotten to redistribute everything. Seemples.


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