Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Advanced Clustering

Microsoft have had fun putting Easter eggs into lots of their products recently, tho’ they aren’t the type I’d normally want.

The latest is to do with SQL Server 2012 SP1. I had a 3-node Hyper-V cluster up and running quite happily, it was failing over as expected and so on. Then I read up on installing a new SQL cluster- seemed easy enough, prepare all your nodes and then finish the cluster (

Until it gets to the SqlEngineDBStartConfigAction_completefailovercluster_configrc_Cpu64 process, at which point the whole things fails and you get a nice little error which reads “The following error has occurred: The transaction log of database ‘tempdb’ is full due to ‘NOTHING’.”

I found this page: but it didn’t resolve the issues. What I did notice however, as that at some point the installer decided to move ownership of the SQL Server role over to node y, even though the cluster completion process was running on node x. Weird.

As is getting increasingly normal, no answer as of yet but I’ll keep this updated.

UPDATE 12/MAR/2014: I found this link-– and this worked perfectly. So it had nothing to do with SQL after all- it was an AD issue in a SQL’s clothing.

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