Rescue LogMeIn

On January the 21st 2014, LogMeIn sent me an email saying that LogMeIn would be unavailable permanently… from the 21st January. In case you missed that, they sent me the email on the same day the service became unavailable. No prior warning, it’s just gone.

When I actually logged on, it seems the “LogMeIn team” had made a mistake. That’s right, the generous people at LogMeIn had given me until the 4th February- a massive 2 weeks to sort out the computers I connect to. Thanks LogMeIn. But there’s always a silver lining- for only £29, I can buy LogMeIn Pro… for 2 computers. I need 5, so all of a sudden from free, LogMeIn is now costing me £90 a year.

Are they joking? They’ve not only withdrawn the service I was using with zero notice (by far the worst bit), but then expect me to fork out the best part of £100 a year for a service I didn’t really need. Just to put this into perspective, when Microsoft pulled ForeFront TMG they might have done so quietly but at least gave 2 years warning.

Did I jump for the credit card? Nope. I’ve deleted all LogMeIn accounts from my subscription and gone straight to TeamViewer. If the worst comes to the worst, I’ll set up ssh tunnels to the PCs I need and use VNC- that gives me all the remote control functions I need.


One thought on “Rescue LogMeIn

  1. That`s an extremely bad news: Logmein free version is going away. I loved to use Logmein; but recently I have switched over to RHUB` remote support appliance as I need better security for my business meetings.

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