Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V guest clustering

Right. Having previously said how wonderful Microsoft clustering was, I did hit a bit of a wall in trying to cluster a couple of guests outside of the clustered roles on the hosts- i.e. my guests were not clustered virtual machines on the Server 2012 Hyper-V hosts, they were just normal Hyper-V guests.

The cluster- with node1 on host1– would create fine. Try adding node2 on host2… and the join would fail. Try creating the cluster with node1 on host1 and node2 on host2 and the cluster wouldn’t even create. Both scenarios reported a timeout. There’re very few solutions on the web about this, but eventually a TechNet social post pointed to this article: which works a treat. This took a good week or two to find, but once I’d un-bound the filtering protocol my cluster would create quite happily.

Out of interest, I re-bound the filtering protocol on the vEthernet ports on both hosts and tried re-creating the cluster with re-built guests running as Hyper-V clustered roles- still on different hosts- and this also worked instantly (I’d left the “Add all available storage” box ticked and- because it was the only iSCSI disk- picked it up and turned it into the quorum as part of the install).

I guess the answer is, just make all your VMs highly available…


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