KB2837618 and KB2837643

I don’t quite know what’s going on yet, but it looks like Microsoft have had another outing with the above updates.

We know the security update 28387618 kills Outlook 2013; what’s unclear is the part 2837643 plays. It looks like, somehow, 2837643 is the “master” update which somehow also installs 2837618; ?. We’ve also had a lot of people complaining about Out-Of-Office not working which I’ve also found, whether this is anything to do with these 2 updates is unknown as yet.

I’ve just built a new W7 PC with Office 2013 and am patching it now (minus these two). Then it’ll be a case of  applying different combinations of the two above updates manually to see what happens.

UPDATE 22/11/2013. It’s not looking good for these updates. My W7 test machine has Office, but not the above two updates. I can open up Out-Of-Office on this one, simultaneously try it on my W8 machine (which does have the updates) and it doesn’t open on the W8 one. So… it’s looking likely that these updates can (a) cause Outlook to crash and (b) prevent access to Out-Of-Office.


9 thoughts on “KB2837618 and KB2837643

    • Looks very likely it is these two updates killing Out-Of-Office; built a brand new W7 machine without these two updates (but with Office) and it works fine- I can open OOO on that box, but at the same time can’t open it on another box with the updates.

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  2. Removing the updates does not fix the issue. M$ really needs to fix this. We have an office full of staff that cant schedule meetings or set out of office replies!

  3. I was able to fix my issue. I declined KB2837618 and KB2837643 in WSUS and then removed them on the local PC. I also had to remove and re-add a new profile, as it had been corrupted. After that, it worked like a charm.

    • Hi Travis, thanks for this. I can confirm that it fixes outlook without any profile re-creation etc- I installed this as part of a batch of updates, decided to test out OOO and it worked instantly- not uninstalling involved.

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