Deploying Apple QuickTime with SCCM 2012 SP1 CU2

Yet again, I’ve encountered a really strange error (bearing in mind this is an entirely test CM set-up I’ve got going). I had a few packages- Java 7-25 (both bit-versions), Office 2012 ProPlus and Quicktime. After this mornings outing, I was pretty happy- I could install Java repeatedly, and (due to an accident) re-built my Office install from scratch and it worked first time. But QuickTime wouldn’t play ball- I kept getting “The software change returned error code 0x643 (1603)”. Neither Bing nor Google were much help, so I was on the verge of giving up when- rather obviously- I spotted on some website about starting at the start and trying to install QuickTime manually on the PC. So I did this, and immediately got some spiel about there being a newer version of QuickTime installed. Now I knew this was wrong because (a) I’d just downloaded the installer this morning, so it was unlikely Apple had released another version and (b) QuickTime wasn’t installed, because Add/ Remove programs didn’t list it.

After stripping most of the QuickTime entries from the Registry (just obvious program-centric ones, I ignored anything to do with media type files using QuickTime) I retried using SCCM to push the QuickTime.msi file and that also failed. I re-stripped the Registry, created an SCCM package (not application) using the QuickTimeInstaller.exe file and it worked. I have no idea where all those Registry entries came from, I can only guess that my test PC was so messed up from having stuff installed and uninstalled that it’s corrupted.


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