Downloading Dell software

I try and keep up to date with things like Dell OpenManage Server Administrator but it can be tricky, so I rely a lot on their SUU tool. However, these downloads are now getting massive- the latest one is over 7GB, which promptly filled up the cache disk on our proxy server and caused the download to stop.

I knew the file name I needed (by going to and, as I have straight-through ftp access on our firewall thought I’d use FileZilla to search Bad move. It might be well organised, but this site is just enormous. I couldn’t find any way of digging out the SUU ISO via ftp on the support website, so tried right-clicking and “View Source” whilst on the Driver Details page. Bingo! I found this bit of text-– which was still useless at that point, as I can’t use HTTP because it’ll just fill up the proxy’s cache disk again. However (and thankfully) Dell seem to mirror the download structure between their http and ftp sites, so it was just a case of browsing to FOLDER01529610M/1 in FileZilla and it’s now downloading direct from Dell without any proxies in the way, although it’s still going to take 5 hour s apparently.


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