System Center Configuration Manager 2012 installation

Running System Center 2012 is just an evaluation project at the minute, but as with SharePoint yesterday there are a couple of things that will make life easier before trying to install it:

  • Install full blown SQL! Not Express;
  • SCCM runs a utility called setupdl.exe to download a whole raft of pre-requisite files. This utility seems to use the proxy configuration stored in inetcpl.cpl. This worked for me anyway; I messed around with netsh winhttp and the UpdDwnldCfg.exe utilities and neither worked. However, putting the right proxy settings into inetcpl.cpl worked instantly;
  • Install the Windows 8 ADK from first. You only need Windows PE, USMT and Deployment tools- this will save you (hopefully) from encountering some failures when SCCM runs the pre-requisite checks before the install;
  • Install IIS (I installed everything apart from Application Development) and Remote Differential Compression- this will prevent yet more failures;
  • You should be good to go then; the pre-req’s checker will still bring up a lot of warnings, but I really do just want this to play around with and I thought it would ne a lot easier than this (when I walk into a shop to try out a laptop, I don’t usually expect to source the screen myself and then actually put the laptop together but c’est la vie);

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