SharePoint Foundation 2013 on Windows Server 2012

This has been an absolute ‘mare. I don’t know if I was doing something wrong, but this was a brand-new Server 2012 (full GUI) install… and nothing else so far.

Anyway, the link that might help is this one:

I went straight to Method 2.2 to get all the roles and features installed (offline method, remembering to use the -Source switch). This got me so far, but then the pre-requisites have also been a complete nightmare. I think it’s probably because I’m behind a proxy and the pre-requisite checker really doesn’t like this, but in the end I had to resort to this article:

… and even then modify it! Unless I’m doing something very, very wrong, prerequisiteinstaller.exe does NOT like the switches I provided (/SQLNCli etc), so it tries to download the files which of course fails because of the proxy. My recommendation is to download all the pre-req files separately and install them manually (except .Net 4.5 and Management FrameWork 3.0, which you can install from server manager). Even then, MS seem to have got it wrong: they mention running the Windows AppFabric installer with /i CacheClient,CachingService,CacheAdmin /gac, but all this did is tell me I was trying to install it twice so it failed. So, I ran it with just /GAC and then only chose the 3 cache options from the GUI. After 1 final reboot, SP 2013 Foundation installed successfully. I know it’s free, but come on MS: this has been a terrible install, and has taken tweak after tweak to get it to work. Can’t you just bung all the pre-req files + roles and features into the installer?


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