Weird Windows 8 Update error #2

Hmm. Still haven’t got to the bottom of this.

I decided to start updating in “blocks” from the GUI on the basis that I would quickly enough figure out which block of updates was failing on my host machine. So… starting with 49 updates, I installed several batches (starting with .Net) and all went fine until I was down to 15 updates. I then selected the bottom 8 (the last 15 are all just “Update for Windows 8” updates) and this broke my host. So I reverted (using system restore- this is important! Create as many restore points as you need to revert back to…), then tried a different random 5 and these worked. From these last 10 I then tried 2 more, but these broke my machine. My PC then went really crazy and I struggled to get it back, but now- instead of having the same 10 left, I know have 14 updates and I don’t think they’re all part of the original 15 I was down to. More to follow…

EDIT 30/MAY/2013 @ 10:14- Just tried install KB 2768703 and it failed, 100%. So there’s something up with this update, even if it’s not the one causing the update process to fail and revert back.


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