Weird Windows 8 Update error

So far I’ve only noticed this on Windows 8 Enterprise, so can’t comment as to whether this would affect any other flavour of W8. However, I decided to use my own PowerShell script (see previous post!) to update my W8Ent host. It seemed to be going fine but I kept on installing updates assuming that the reboot detection was working- which I’m pretty sure wasn’t  :)) Anyway, I went off to lunch and left my PC rebooting… and came back, only to find that the updates configuration was failing. I had to resort to powering off at the power switch, and eventually- after hammering F8 repeatedly- was able to do a system restore and it’s back to normal now (incidentally, the system restore process reported itself as having failed but it didn’t).

I haven’t had much luck identifying which particular update crashed it yet, but so far I think it’s KB2768703. There have been a lot of WER log entries relating to this update, it’s a critical update (matching the system restore title) and the timing is right. I’m going to restart doing updates, this time rebooting after each batch of updates…

EDIT 17-MAY-2013@16:34 : I’m pretty sure it is now KB2768703. This is the only KB installer that seems to crop up in the WER errors (application log), however I have noticed that Bing Desktop also generates WER errors so it may be that that is clashing. Anyway, I’m going to avoid installing the above update for now (using the Windows Update client so I can de-select it).


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