iSCSI #01

Think I’ve finally nailed this. With help from various sites, I’ve now got two commands which seem to work after running the iscsicli addtarget command. It’s really important to count how many *s and spaces there are- so the first example starts off T<space>*<space> etc.

iscsicli PersistentloginTarget <IQN> T * * * * 0 2 0 0 * * * u p 1 * *

In order, 0 = set security to none, 2 = enable multipath, 0 = sets header digest, 0 = sets data digest, u is your CHAP username, p is your chap password, 1 = set authentication type to CHAP. I think you can ignore the *’s, they do things but not sure how important they are.

iscsicli loginTarget iqn * * * <INI> <INIPRT> * * * * * * * u p 1 * *

<INI> = initiator name which can be found with iscsicli listinitiators, <INIPRT> = I think should be 2, ensures you know which NIC port is connecting, and u, p and 1 as above.


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