Fun with server core #01

Server core feels a bit like when you wake up with a jolt thinking you’re somewhere unfamiliar. You can do very little, and the little you can do is radically different. So installing hyper-v involves typing weird commands like

Dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:Microsoft-Hyper-V

Which will get you hyper-v, but won’t help with iSCSCI for example. On that note, MS have (thankfully) left a GUI version of the iscsi initiator which can be invoked by typing iscsicpl.exe. I’d actually rather get to grips with iscsicli.exe, but from my limited experience it’s fond of reporting everything as good and connected when in fact it’s anything but. I’ll post more about iscsicli.exe when I get it working but for now am just going to use it in conjunction with iscsicpl.exe so that I can learn what does what.


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