Symantec Backup Exec

Funny that this should pop up today:

Because actually, the bits I’ve seen of 2012 look a lot better and more streamlined than any previous version. Still, I think I’m going to be wary of Symantec for a good while. Let’s face it, the fault uncovered in BE2010 (below- “NDMP duplicate backups”) is a major fault- we’ve been running backup software that hasn’t actually been backing up even though it says it is. There was no hotfix for this specific version, the link I posted was a hotfix for R3 so I’m assuming no-one picked up this exact fault with the original 2010.

In some ways we had a lucky escape; this fault got identified by chance when trying to restore a small amount of CIFS data, which is far preferable (tho’ maybe not on an individual level) to finding out your tapes haven’t worked when all your storage has been burnt to a crisp.


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