Finally! Once upon a time, Mac OS (<X) used to have an apple-N keyboard shortcut for creating new folders, which although a minor function saved a lot of time. It seems I've missed that this has now come to Vista/ W7- CTRL-SHIFT-N does the very same thing.


Symbian Anna (022.014) #02

After a week or so of failing to install Anna update 1/2 (despite updating Ovi suite), I’ve finally taken the plunge and started from scratch. That seems to have done the trick- updates 1/2 and 2/2 and 4 others (Galaxy on Fire, DAB, Ovi + Real Golf) have all installed just fine. An extreme step but I’ve done multiple backups, so hopefully everything’ll go back on ok. Well worth doing though- just back eveyrything up first, using Ovi and- in the case of images- maybe some file-level backups too.
Interestingly- as an aside- Ovi suite picked up all 6 updates, but the phone itself only found DAB radio. ?