Symbian Anna (022.014)

For anyone out there with a compatible Nokia, you really should go to Symbian Anna (022.014). A word of warning tho’: it seems to delete PDF Lite + QuickOffice, Nokia are aware of it but I can’t say more than that (a minor pain for me, but maybe more serious for others). Other than that, a brilliant update; superb browser, superior touch interface, just well worth updating.

HP Touchpad fire sale (UK) “killing” iPad

I’ve just seen a headline on twitter implying the TouchPad firesales might kill the iPad, I doubt it. People who buy Apple are willing to pay extortionate premiums for average hardware and poor software, and always have been. Weird. I don’t see anything affecting the popularity of the iPad.

ForeFront TMG caching

Even though it’s only in reverse prxy mode. This has been driving me mad recently; I update a basic hand-made html file, but all I get from ForeFront is the previous version. Restarting the ForeFront services doesn’t help- you have to delete any .cdat files from any urlcache folders on 1 or more partitions. I dont’ know if this is because I set it up as a regular proxy at some point (but disabled the rules), but basically it’s caching the revers proxy pages, so delelting the cache file(s) has been vital to testing.