A few handy sites: /*Download just current IDE files*/ /*Download just the Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool” */ /*Self-contained, stand alone tool */

Before using them: ideally you’d have access to a known “clean” PC of some description. Even more ideally, you’d have access to a blank CD + CD re-writer, or card reader + write-protectable memory card. Extract/ install (stinger runs by itself as-is) all the tools to the CD/ memory card and run them. A word of warning; I’d configure Stinger just to report (not delete), as it’s flagged up one particular file recently as having a fake anti-virus virus and it doesn’t- even McAfee admitted the file is clean (uninstall_activeX.exe).

Also, sav32cli.exe is a bit of a ‘mare; it’s very good, but has a million command line options. I’ll post a suggested command line later.

<UPDATE>: suggested sav32cli.exe command line:

sav32cli.exe C:\ -sc -di –f –extensive –all –rec –remove –p=”D:\sav32cli.log” –archive –cab -loopback -mime -oe –tnef –pua –suspicios –mbr –cleanup –idedir=D:\ide

Warning! This could well take ages to scan- ages, like days, possibly. It’s because it does a really thorough scan of every file… to find out what each switch does, you’re best off typing sav32cli.exe -h|more and spacing through slowly! The -p (logfile) and -ide (alternate virus identity file location) arent necessary, but work well if you’ve burnt the installation to a CD (so sav32cli is virus-proof, but uses virus identities + logs on say a usb flash drive).