Wel… I’d be interested to see & try one, but “the norm”?

(1) Is internet access ubiquitous and reliable (i.e. always on)? Nope. (2) Will it ever be? No. (3) Do I want all my data stored in the cloud? No (see point 1). (4) Am I likely to buy a laptop-sized web-only device when I can already have a tablet-sized we-only device? No.

I think these may become one of many computing devices, but can’t really see them becoming “the norm” because of limitations (what happens when I want to edit “cloud-storage” photos with a high-powered graphics package- I’m talking PhotoShop, not Picassa- when there’s no internet available?)

And in case you think I’m being cynical about internet access, Virgin’s cable service went off intermittently a couple of months back over a 24 hour period (except of course there was nothing wrong, no really…). So excuse me for not thinking that 3G/ Wi-Fi is going to be any better.


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