Vmware (light) blues

It seems that just to be awkward, VMWare have deliberately taken the cloning function out of the free VMWare server to force you to buy the bigger version. Which is a pain.

However I think I might have found a fix; it seems you can clone over a mapped drive with VMWare WorkStation (in this case 7.x). So what I’ve done is shut down a VM Server 2 machine, then typed in (on my non-domain joined host):

vmrun clone “X:\xxxx\xxxx.vmx” “Y:\Virtual Machines\Clones\yyyy\yyyy.vmx” full

Where X: is the remote (server) mapped drive and Y: is a local PC drive. What I don’t know yet is whether- when I import these machines back into an offline VMWare Server 2 machine- it won’t read them because it was cloned with Workstation 7.x. I’ll update this post accordingly…


After a convoluted copy process, it seems you can use the above method to clone VMWare Server machines. However, I’ve put another post up here (“Strange VMWare Server 2.0.2 Error”) ‘cos it didn’t exactly go smoothly…


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