Windows Server 2008 R2 ftp service

This is turning into a steep learning curve. It seems that neither Vista nor Windows 7 can handle SSL-encrypted WebDAV, although this could still be a self-signed certificate issue (XP and Ubuntu can, they just warn you as expected). Even when you do get SLL-encrypted WebDAV working, it’s VITAL you change the authentication on each subfolder/ virtual directory to “Interactive” from “Clear Text” otherwise- from my experience with XP- all users can do whatever they like to any other user’s data, regardless of any security (even NTFS perms, which it seems to ignore- ?). It’s al very well the connection being encypted, but if any user can trash everyone else’s data then it’s a bit useless. Also, the port range isolation for IIS 7.5 ftp is set at the server level,  which is why it’s greyed out when you look at the site level.


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