FTP server comparison #2

Right, I’ve given up on WingFTP + WSFTP (not due to them being innapropriate, just time pressures). I now have a few different ways of accessing the same site; using IIS 7.5 (downloadable for Seerver 2008, built-in to Server 2008 R2) I now have an “insecure” and a “secure” ftp site (the secure one running on port 22 because of having to fight the firewall!). Additionally, I’ve created an “insecure” and a “secure” web site with WebDAV configured (pointing to the same data stores) so that- depending on how people log in- you can map a network drive straight to the ftp location rather than having to use an ftp client.

I’ll post more once it’s fully functional, but for now it’s accepting anonymous logins through ftp (and WebDAV connections) without encryption, and a secure ftp site running on a different IP address which is currently only accepting FTPES (this is really important- it’s not SFTP, it’s FTP with explicit TLS/SSL encryption), not WebDAV unfortunately (I know it’s asking for WebDAV credentials but it just ain’t working from my Windows 7 client for some reason).


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