Further ForeFront TMG issues

Well done. Microsoft have made it phenomenally difficult to backup ForeFront TMG (actually- in all fairness, I don’t think ISA was very good either). But help is at hand; download the TMGSDK.exe file from


And- after installing- look for a file called “importexport.vbs” (probably located in %programfiles(x86)%\Microsoft Forefront TMG Tools\SDK\samples\Admin). This file can take one of two switches: “e” or “i” (which unsurprisingly stand for “export” and “import”). Also, when you feed it the filename- which can be anything- you must also feed it the full path or it won’t do anything despite appearing to (not prefixing with a drive + path won’t fail, but I couldn’t find the file anywhere so assume it actually just doesn’t create the file…).

At least now you have something you can pass to the windows scheduling service to routinely back up the FFTMG config. I’ve further modified the script to save off to a network location (which is already backed up) rather than the local drive, and it sends a little email out too as a notifier.


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