Free anti-virus solutions

Hmmm… after being quite happy with AVG free for a while now, it’s recently ground to a halt by repeatedly asking things like “Are you sure you’re happy with the free version” etc etc. So I thought I’d ditch it in favour of Microsoft Security Essentials, but this also froze up a new-ish Windows 7 machine immediately after logon. So… back to Avast!, which so far- apart from the initial download “nag”- has speeded up the machine dramatically (especially logon, which was a real problem with MS Security Essentials) and isn’t constantly harping on about upgrading to the paid-for version. I don’t really understand why AVG and MSSE went slow; the machine in question has an Intel Celeron 2.2GHZ CPU with 3GB RAM, so it’s hardly underpowered for basic Office use/ web browsing.


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