Search Engines

I don’t know what Microsoft are worried about:

Bing is a vastly superior search engine now- all it really needs is a Froogle competitor. Trouble is, Google is so embedded in the collective consciousness (“to google” etc) that people just use it automatically. But if more people use IE (last time I tried Firefox it seemed to be suffereing from bloat, so offered no real advantage over IE) then Bing’s a default anyway.

Financing IT projects

While this article

might have a point, it seems a bit unfair to compare public sector to private (4th paragraph from end). While this gap is considerable- and has to be reduced- there will always be gaps between public and private sector financing. Apple is answerable to no-one but it’s shareholders, who are unlikely to have held up a project like the iPhone after the success of the iPod. A public sector decision would have far more stumbling blocks given that the funding comes entirely from the public.

EMC Celerra simulator

Although it’s my intention to eventually post some how-to’s regarding configuring the Celerra simulator, I want to say a big thanks to Cormac Hogan and Chad Sakac from VMWare; without some brilliant documentation (Cormac Hogan)/ youtube resources (Chad Sakac) I wouldn’t have stood a chance of getting the simulator working (I’d been trying to follow the "official" EMC how-to for months with no success). Thanks to them I’ve got the whole thing- VMWare player, the simulator and an additional storage partition- on a single SATA drive, ready to plug in to anything that’s available should the need arise.