I’ve put a few examples up now of how to use robocopy, but forgot to mention that if you’re running anything prior to vista/ server 2008 you’ll need the server 2003 resource kit tools:

Windows 7 chkdsk logs

If you’re looking for any log activity, this link:
is spot on (at least the answer from "heybruce" is).
Just be warned tho’: you’ll probably only find one "wininit" entry for all the chkdsk activity (over an hours worth of chkdsk processing), and it’s likely to be hidden in amongst loads of other events.

Google- is everything alright?

Hmmm… for the first time in a long time today, google found more than bing ("windows found more than 1 antivirus program"- Bing found nothing, google found a dozen or so largely unhelpful hits).
But: what has happened to Google image searching? It looks like they tried to emulate Bing but they must have been drunk or something- this "cram as many images into as small a space as possible" attempt just doesn’t work for me- it looks really cluttered + confusing. So will continue to use Bing for the foreseeable…

Space saving

After spending years with 2 XP partitions- 1 x 10GB + 1 x 5GB (compressed) I’ve recently bundled the 2 partitions together into 15GB. And thought- that’s great- no need to worry about system free space ever again! I knew there was plenty of room for Office 2007, and to be honest not much else; an old version of Nero, Hp printer drivers etc. Wasn’t worried at all.
Yeah, right.
After disk space started dropping worringly towards the 1GB mark, I decided to investigate further; after running cleanmgr several times and it doing nothing, decided to investigate even further.
Look under C:\Windows for the usual compressed $xxxxx$ folders thinking I’d move any patches for Windows + Office. Couldn’t find them either.
At this point I got really puzzled, so decided to look up how to uninstall a random Windows/ Office hotfix via the registry:
And found that the culprits were in C:\Windows\Installer- just over 1GB of cached installation files. Found the same thing with a hidden folder- C:\MSOCache- which held about 500MB of Office installation files.
While I don’t recommend deleting these outright, if you’ve got a spare partition with enough room it might be worth at least moving them until necessary (bearing in mind they’ll almost vertainly never be used again). I stuck these commands into a couple of batch files:
robocopy C:\Windows\Installer ?\Windows\Installer *.* /E /MOVE /NP /W:1 /R:1 /LOG+:?\Windows\Installer\copyProcess.log
This moves all patch installation files to partition/ drive ? (replace with a correct drive letter) and appends to the log file in the same location. To move the MSOCache files, just replace \Windows\Installer with \MSOCache.
Some other tricks:
  • run cleanmgr /sageset:65535; this allows you to choose everything available for cleanmgr, saves the options, then cleans up everything if you run cleanmgr /sagerun:65535 in the future
  • cleanmgr doesn’t appear to clear out C:\Windows\Temp; so… del C:\Windows\Temp\*.* /Q should (tho’ you may always get a few perfmon related files held by the system- these should never becoma very big so don’t worry).
  • You could stick both of these into a .cmd file so that cleaning up drive C: becomes a double-click operation.