“The best run businesses run SAP”

Are you sure?
From having been on SAP’s support site a lot over the last 24 hours, it’s one on of the worst sites I’ve used in a long time. It takes 5 or 6 attempts to log on, and even then it doesn’t always display the pages correctly (CTRL-F5 sometimes fixes this). Navigation is horrendous. Finding out how to ask a simple question ("Can anyone tell me how to find Crystal Reports 9 Developer?") is nigh-on impossible, then working out how to fill in the request form is about as smooth and transparent as a half-brick.
It’s basically taken me about 4 hours to succesfully request the above information (in that time, I’ve logeed on to their support portal about 18 times and made 3 phone calls). And that’s just the request- the answer itself is no closer.
If this is how SAP can help me, I’ll leave it thanks.
UPDATE! I think SAP wins my "Worst web site ever" award hands-down. It’s awful. I can’t find anything. Search results are irrelevant. Well done SAP!

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