“The best run businesses run SAP”

Are you sure?
From having been on SAP’s support site a lot over the last 24 hours, it’s one on of the worst sites I’ve used in a long time. It takes 5 or 6 attempts to log on, and even then it doesn’t always display the pages correctly (CTRL-F5 sometimes fixes this). Navigation is horrendous. Finding out how to ask a simple question ("Can anyone tell me how to find Crystal Reports 9 Developer?") is nigh-on impossible, then working out how to fill in the request form is about as smooth and transparent as a half-brick.
It’s basically taken me about 4 hours to succesfully request the above information (in that time, I’ve logeed on to their support portal about 18 times and made 3 phone calls). And that’s just the request- the answer itself is no closer.
If this is how SAP can help me, I’ll leave it thanks.
UPDATE! I think SAP wins my "Worst web site ever" award hands-down. It’s awful. I can’t find anything. Search results are irrelevant. Well done SAP!

Nokia woes

I’ve only ever had 1 phone that wasn’t a Nokia (a Phillips phone with a little aeriel and "voice recognition"- hah!) and once the model’s I owned supported it, was very happy with PC Suite. Then came Ovi suite. Hmm. I was a bit annoyed that it wouldn’t supporting exporting of texts, but just decided to centralise my txt store to avoid this problem. Then… all of a sudden it stopped being able to sync with Office 2007/2010, which really did annoy me.
The fix appears to be to upgrade to the very latest version of Ovi (I’ll post it here later) and use BlueTooth, not a cable- slightly irritating, but not as irritating as being unable to do any sync’nig at all.

WMIPRVSE.EXE running at high CPU utilisation

Well… I think I’ve solved this one.
I took a call saying that one of our servers was running really slowly, and sure enough it was. Every few micro seconds, the CPU would peak at 100%, then drop to somewhere around 70%/80% then peak again. Over and over and over. Searching the web was a bit hopeless- there are hotfixes from Microsoft to solve this problem in specific circumstances, but as this server was neither (a) and SMS server (b) isn’t a domain controller and (c) isn’t server 2008 none of their KB articles applied. Other sites implied WMIPRVSE.EXE can be a virus, but the version on this server didn’t match that either (would have been annoyed at our AV solution if this was the case!)
Started off with the obvious- stop our AV agents, stop our Management platform agents… nothing. Just the CPU peak and trough as described above.
Looking at the application event log, I noticed that (approx 1656 times every second. Yes, I am that sad) an entry was being logged saying:
"Error opening event log file Windows PowerShell. Log will not be processed. Return code from OpenEventLog is 1338"
And when I tried opening the PowerShell event log, it would complain about security descriptors (forgot to screenshot it) and refused to open. After being unable to find any way of uninstalling PowerShell (even though it was obvously there ‘cos I could run it), I eventually found that PowerShell 2 was bundled into an update called "Windows Management Framework Core package (Windows PowerShell 2.0 and WinRM 2.0)" (links below).
I then found out how to uninstall it (Regedit>HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\KB968930\UninstallString) which left me with this:
"C:\WINDOWS\$950099Uinstall_KB968930$\spuninst\spuninst.exe" /norestart
(I added the /norestart myself as this is a production server, didn’t think it was such a bright idea to accidentally reboot a server in the day). The moment this finished running, all the event entries stopped, the PowerShell event log disappeared and the CPU barely seems to have gone over 20%. I guess the next stage is to reinstall the above hotifx and see if it behaves.

BackupExec 2010 headache

Thinking of moving from BackupExec x to 2010?
If so, read here to start with:
Then read this!
It took half an hour of needless KB searching before finding article 346347, which fixed the problem instantly (and even then, only because I decided to Bing "CALL DBO.GETMYPARTITION", thinking that it was obscure enough to return just a few hits).
Also keep in mind that after following article 318321 BE didn’t actually migrate B2D devices to the new server so I had to create those from scratch even though BEMig told me it had (not a big issue but niggly).