SQL 2008 failover clustering

A few things:
  • Unlike SQL 2000, SQL 2008 standard will let you create a 2-node failover cluster; SQL Enterprise allows a 16-node cluster.
  • The minimum number of partitions/ LUNs needed for SQL 2008 seems to be 3; Quorum, DTC (both created for Windows cluster) and the data store (our old 2K3 clusters didn’t need a seperate DTC partition)
  • Despite following the "Advanced/Enterprise Installation" section of this document that my colleague found- http://download.microsoft.com/download/6/9/D/69D1FEA7-5B42-437A-B3BA-A4AD13E34EF6/SQLServer2008FailoverCluster.docx– clustering didn’t work properly; the Analysis service wasn’t failing over. So… we ended up removing the faulty node and adding it as an additional node as per later on in this document.
  • The last step of adding a node might result in this interesting "error":
  • I don’t know if MS have noticed, but this is a statement, not a question- it’s an instruction to install SQL 2008 SP1. So why the "Yes/ No" option? (also, it would have been more helpful if MS had just said"Install SQL 2008 SP1" than drilling down to the gritty version numbers).

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