“Beyond Fear…” by Bruce Schneier

To quote from the above book:
"Security usually fails at the seams-at the point where two systems interact-seams between security systems and other systems, seams between parts of a security system."
Presumably this would hold true of any systems in general; an application is more likely to fail at the interaction point with the OS, or the OS with the hardware (?). A hammer and nail can be sound as individual objects, but are most likely to fail when they interact… ???

Citrix PS 4.5 problems

IMA service not starting with error :
"The Citrix Independent Management Architecture service terminated with service-specific error 2147483649 (0x80000001)."
? There are plenty of help pages available through Google, but try this command first:
"dsmaint /verifylhc" from a command line, then try re-starting IMA + any other failed Citrix services
It could be that your licensing DB is corrupt. If the above command fails, try "dsmaint/recreatelhc". Obviously this gives you a brand new licensing DB, but itmight (easily) solve the above problem.

“Green” IT #01

If anyone is looking the make any IT purchases, consider this site:
Don’t get too excited; their PC’s aren’t made from recycled chipboard with plantain processors. What they do consider is minimising the total power consumption of a system. So, they make 2U storage appliances that- crammed with 24 x 500GB disks and 8GB RAM- consume less power than an equivalent 2U server with only 6 disks, and PCs that consume about 30W power on average (compared to my work PC which consumes about 80W after settling down). I can’t fit it all in here, but take a look at their site and you’ll find they take a wide variety of issues into consideration when designing PC/ server systems. If nothing else, hopefully it’ll make everyone- consumers and manufacturers alike- think a bit more about what they’re buying or designing.