Misleading robocopy errors

I frequently tear my hair out with this type of error when using server 2008: (this is a robocopy error run from the CLI)
Invalid Parameter #11 : "/log+:X:\xxxxx.log"
Before going too far, check to see if you’ve right-click and "Run as administrator"; if the drives aren’t local, "Run as administrator won’t take over any network drive mappings, even though you’re running it as the same user.
I can appreciate server 2008 is a lot more secure than previous versions, but I think it suffers from Vista-esque security overkill sometimes.

Symbian S60 5th Edition browser

Having finally got a touch-screen device this summer (Nokia XM 5800) I was after something a bit better than the built-in browser (although it is extremely stable).

First I found Digia @Web: http://www.digia.com/C2256FEF0043E9C1/0/405001847

and thought this was pretty good- a few little glitches (it crashes on https connections) but uses the screen brilliantly.

But I was still wondering why Opera 9 was only out for Windows Mobile. Until- just in the last week- I realised why. http://m.opera.com/next. Yup, symbian users get to go straight to version 10. This is a brilliant browser, and it supposedly is still just in beta…