ISA anyone ?

Not the ancient 10-base T network cards…ISA firewall seems to be in limbo at the moment. The official line on an ISA 2006 replacement is Forefront TMG- which will only run on Server 2008 x64, needs 2GB RAM etc etc. However, I’m just installing a prefectly legitimate x86 version which runs on server 2008 quite happily- and the word "Beta" is nowhere to be seen. ?
I guess this is a transition version that will be pulled eventually, but it’s a bit if a strange situation.

Some netsh commands (for proxy servers)

“netsh winhttp reset proxy” = sets machine proxy to direct mode
"netsh winhttp proxy <YOUR_SERVER>:<YOUR_PORT>" = sets machine-wide proxy to specified proxy server
"netsh winhttp show proxy" = displays proxy settings
these all need to be run in admin mode…

BackupExec misleading error

When trying to upgrade from one version of BE to another (in this case, from 12 to 12.5) you may receive an error windows that starts:
"The Backup Exec database version you are trying to use…"
This is a complete red herring; I spent ages uninstalling SQL 2005 express, re-installing BE, uninstalling BE & SQL 2005 then deleting SQL 2005 folders to no avail. This article:
pretty much says it all; I would uninstall anything Symantec related, uninstall SQL 2005 then remove any SQL/ Symantec folders under %PROGRAMFILES%… then try again (which is what I’m about to do).