Windows 7

This article- makes it clear that MS have pretty much given up on pushing Vista too much. But it isn’t necessarily anti-vista feeling. I use Vista day in, day out (Enterprise VM sat on Business) and would say it’s more of a training issues- Vista has enough differences from XP to make me shy away from a rollout until we can control the interface with group policy (which will- possibly- also be used to switch off UAC across the board).

Data Recovery #01

Where possible try to image whatever disk you’re trying to recover from; without imaging the disk you could quite easily over-write the very information you’re trying to save. A tool such as ProDiscover Basic from Technology Pathways ( is a bit tricky to get the hang of but (a) works ! and (b) includes methods for imaging disks (including capturing images of USB drives inside VMWare). Whatever you do- even if imaging isn’t available- don’t save anything back the "faulty" disk even if you have to work with it as the master disk (some software needs the original disk to scan).

Taking your disk to a professional DR firm will cost a lot.

Some slightly-easier-to-use software:

The above list is much easier to use than ProDiscover (much more point-and-click) but relies on scanning the faulty disk itself and doesn’t ever let you see the disk in a "raw", deep-down format- ProDiscover can show you a very basic view of the disk which could enable you to recover the plain text from a Microsoft Word file, for example.