Exchange Public Folder restore with BackupExec

This is still nowhere near complete (or even working) but here are a few tips for restoring Exchange public folders with BackupExec:
  • The backups must have been made as full backups not snapshots; I don’t know why, but snapshot backups just won’t work (my guess is they could but it’s too much effort !)
  • If possible, I suspect the restores work better when sent not just to a different Exchange server but to a completely different AD forest (which is why I’m currently building a seperate VMWare forest to see if I can get it to work)
  • Don’t bother with Recovery Storage Groups; in fact, delete any that exist unless you also have Mailbox Stores that need restoring, as you can’t mount public folders from within Recovery Storage Groups (again I have no idea why other than that you just can’t).
  • Make sure the Public Folder store to be over-written has "This database can be overwritten by a restore" (or something smimilar) in the public folder storage properties.

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