Active directory user deletion

I’m just trying this out so I can’t yet tell if it’ll work, but I’ve just deleted an AD user (instead of just their exchange attributes) from our domain. So- because there is quite infrequent replication between some of our sites- the user object still existed at site A; the user was deleted from site B and was quickly removed from site C as well (due to frequent replication). So my thinking was this; move the user to a different OU in site A then run this command on a DC at site B:
C:\Program Files\Support Tools>repadmin /replicate dc=my,dc=domain,dc=com /force /full
With a bit of luck, this will force-update site B with the original user object before the deletion replicates around. It’s deliberately a one-way replication; I obviously don’t want the user deletion to get to site A, so this command pulls everything from site A back to site B. But it’s still running, so I’ll post a success/ failure story here !
Okay, this DOESN’T work; but it was worth a try. The delete command must obviously take into account the user GUID, so tricking it by moving the user doesn’t work. Oh well. It’s still a useful command.

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