Crude backup utility #02

Having finally got my head around robocopy (as recommended by an anonymous commentator on this site !)  here is a syntax that works for an active directory – member computer:
  • robocopy "C:\Users\xxxxx\Desktop\USB\A folder" I:\ *.* /e /zb /copyall /eta /log:I:\backup.log /tee

The important elements here are:

  • "C:\…" is the source folder; if there are spaces in the path, you must include quote marks;
  • I:\ is a USB key, which is the destination path; again if this includes spaces you must use quote marks;
  • *.* are they types of files you want to copy; this stands for everything, *.doc would only copy Microsoft Word documents (for example);
  • /e copies the entire subfolder tree.

I’ll edit this to include all the switches when I remember.


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