Active Directory replication part 2

Make sure you’ve read part 1 before using this entry.
You should now have a command line window open running on a remote domain controller (a "faulty" one) as a domain admin user thanks to psexec with it’s Z: drive mapped to a path on the netlogon share of your domain controller. Next:
  • type "z:\ntfrs.cmd SourceDomainController DestinationDomainController"
  • Where SourceDomainController is your "master" dc, DestinationDomainoController is the dc that isn’t replicating properly.
  • The batch file uses a couple of registry keys + services to force the faulty dc to receive the whole AD configuration again; the detail is that it stops the File Replication Service, inserts a registry key to force the FRS service to receive the entire (working) FRS partition, re-starts the FRS service, forces a full replication both ways between the two domain controllers, sets the same registry key back to 0 (to stop the FRS partition replicating in its entirety) then quits.

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