Crude backup utility

This is not meant to replace proper backup software for either home or business use but as a last resort it might come in useful:
  • Click "Start", the choose "Run" and- in the box that appears- type cmd.exe; a little black box should appear on screen; type in the following command to this box:
  • xcopy *.* X:\ /E /V /C /Y /Z > e:\filestore.log
In this example, *.* means that xcopy will copy everything in the current folder (all files and folder- but this still needs /E below)); X:\ is a mapped network drive (i.e. not on the computer being used) where the files are being copied to; /E copies all files and subfolders, even if the folders are empty; /V checks that the files are copied correctly; /C carries on copying even if something goes wrong with a file (otherwise you could leave the PC thinking it’s copying, but in fact there’s a problem with just the first file and it stops); /Y means that if xcopy finds that the same filename in the folder you’re copying to (in this case X:\) it will automatically replace the file that exists with the one it’s copying (be careful- this might not be what you want to do); /Z makes sure that files copied over a network copy properly if the xcopy command is restarted); e:\ is a local drive (inside the computer being used); the >symbol means that insteda filestore.log is an arbitary name for a text file
xcopy is a command built into Windows XP/ 2000/ Vista.

One thought on “Crude backup utility

  1. I quite like Microsoft\’s Robocopy and if you output to a log file you can get a much better indication of the progress and any problems that occur, also there are a LOT of interesting switches that can do everything from exclude files to synchronize two locations

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