Vista Enterprise Activation

I’ve had a problem with my Vista Enterprise VMware PC activating; it failed to activate for 30 days so today I couldn’t log on except to buy a new key. After digging around for solutions I found this link:
But it still didn’t really solve the problem (it was targeted at Vista/ Longhorn Beta 2 not the realease version). So I found this work-around (providign you can get on as an admin account):
  • Log on as an admin user
  • Choose the option to buy a new key- this opens Internet Explorer
  • In the address bar of IE, type C:\- wait for the windows to open
  • Navigate to cmd.exe (%systemroot%\system32)
  • Open compmgmt.msc through this command windows
  • Enable, and reset the password for, the local administrator user
  • close computer management
  • run cmd as the local admin: runas /user:administrator cmd.exe
  • at the command line, type:
  • netsh
  • followed by
  • winhttp
  • then type
  • set proxy *.*.*.*:??? (this should be the ip address + port of your proxy server)
  • switch (alt-tab) to the Vista activation screen, then try to “Activate over the internet now” (or similar)- this should now work as the activation program can now use the WinHTTP proxy (it doesn’t use Internet Explorer’s proxy by default) + you should receive an “activation successul” screen.
  • Disable the local admin user, restart your PC and it should be fine.

The same fix can also be used for Windows Live Messenger, which (for some reason) also uses the WinHTTP proxy and so can fail to install properly if there’s a proxy server between the PC and the Internet (of course it doesn’t tell you that it needs WinHTTP to be given a proxy server, it just fails)


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