Secure data transportation

If you need to transfer data via CD securely, one system that might appeal is as follows (you’ll need to download two pieces of software, one from, the other from
  • Firstly download and install both pieces of software; File Splitter is fairly simple to use but TrueCrypt can be tricky- see to get an overview (note that the developers recommend at least a 20 character password !).
  • The idea behind this is that you use file splitter to break a file into an even number of files (with an additional file to put the pieces back again).
  • Dump all the odd-numbered file segments + the re-piecing program into one TrueCrypt file; all the even-numbered segments onto another TrueCrypt file (you could even “zip” them up + password protect this file- or create TrueCrypt files within TrueCrypt files…)
  • Ensure both TrueCrypt files have very different passwords, otherwise this will reduce the security of the system.
  • Dismount both TrueCrypt files, put each file on a different CD + then- if using a third party courier- arrange for the CDs to be transported on different days (preferably through a trusted courier that offers parcel tracking).

The end result of this is that you have two (or more) CDs being shipped independently of each other (reducing the chance of them being stolen by the same person) both containing a heavily encrypted file; even further, each CD contains only half the data being transported and this data isn’t even contiguous, so should be less useful (hopefully undecipherable) even if one of the CDs is stolen.

It’s not perfect (nothing is) but should make any highly confidential data a bit safer.


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